Costumes: Part II

As a followup to my award’s season post:

As for the costumes, I imagine that the Academy Award already has Sandy Powell’s name on it, and has been shoved in a drawer until she can swing by and pick it up next year. To date, she has ten nominations and three wins. One more won’t hurt. (From the New Yorker)

And the moral is: when Sandy Powell says to recognize more modern-era films, she’s not just whistlin’ Dixie.

Postscript, regarding Branagh’s Cinderella:  The fact that they remade Disney’s  (DISNEY’S!!!) Cinderella in 2015 and knew it would be a huge success says everything you need to know–I don’t care if Cindy was wearing sack-cloth and locusts or Scarlet’s corset from Gone With the Wind. If you have enough mental energy to write an op-ed about Lily James’s 22 inch waist, or to make such claims as “that corset is emblematic of everything that’s wrong with gender relations in America!!” you may want to re-evaluate what you find truly terrible about modern life.  Your underpaid, no-pension, no maternity-leave office job, for example.

Anyway, the costumes look exquisite.  The very thought of watching a remake of a 1950s Disney cartoon makes me want to drink heavily in remembrance of days when we went to the movies to see the work of artists instead of crack marketing teams.

Bibbity-bobbity-boo-y’all.  Now help me carry these pails!


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