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I'm a writer in Northern California.

All of My Imaginary Friends Are About to Die (and other Game of Thrones predictions)

On April 14th, 2019, my fraught relationship with HBO’s Game of Thrones will come to its bittersweet, ice-crusted end.  The show has been by turns thrilling, frustrating, deeply dumb, incredibly smart, and undeniably gorgeous.  As an adaptation of George R.R. … Continue reading

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Scary mommies*

I asked myself: why am I so into horror lately? Well, for one thing, I became a parent. Don’t laugh.  All the clichés hold true.  There really is nothing more terrifying than raising a child.  Once the Chub-a-lub is yours … Continue reading

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That Year-End Post I’ve Been Meaning to Write (+ 2018 Awards Eligibility)

  So.  Here we are at the raw, tail end of 2018.  Even California is bleakly cold .  I’ve been laid up in bed with Toddler Flu and, while the Chubs is off at daycare, conquering the world, have been … Continue reading

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The Literary Trump: Stephen King Edition

  Is there a better writer for the current political moment than Stephen King? Insert joke about horror stories here—but seriously: one of King’s greatest strengths is his well-drawn observations of a certain kind of American.  Open up any of … Continue reading

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An Ember in the Dark: Post-Partum and Apocalypse in 2017

In this year of madmen and wildfires I gave birth to a beautiful red-haired son. This isn’t a story about motherhood, though.  This is a story about being on fire.

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The Literary Trump: Essay Edition

Yes, yes.  I know.  Contradiction in terms.  Unless there’s another glitch in the Matrix, Trump will remain the most distinctly un-literary President ever to occupy the White House.  Even George W. Bush occasionally dipped into “My Pet Goat.” Trump can … Continue reading

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The Fall: Season 3

**Written (and lost) somewhere between Halloween and the election of Donald Trump some orange douche bag with no respect for human dignity including his own, here is my review of Season 3 of the BBC’s The Fall–an ultimately flawed, but still … Continue reading

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