Short Stories

An Aria for the Bloodlords,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #242, January 4, 2018

“Father Peña’s Last Dance,” (reprint) Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women, ed. Paula Guran, May, 2015

The Burned Man,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #159, October 22, 2014

Now Ix, He Was a Lover,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #130, September 19, 2013

Mask, Glass, and Bones,” Underwords, December 2011

“Father Peña’s Last Dance,” Realms of Fantasy Magazine, August 2010

“Taming the Beast,” On Spec Magazine #75, Winter 2008/2009

“Sex With Ducks,” Amazons: Sexy Tales of Strong Women, anthology ed. Sage Vivant, 2006

“It’s Only Rock and Roll,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine(ASIM), #22, April/May 2006

“What Should Never Be,” Scared Naked, 2004


“The Villain’s Coat,” Mythic Delirium (Forthcoming), 2015

As Editor

Futuredaze: An anthology of YA science fiction,” (co-editor with Erin Underwood), Underwoods Press, February 2013

The Pop Fic Review,” (co-editor with Erin Underwood), Underwoods Press, December 2011


“Confessions of a Fantasist,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #11, February/March 2004

Chick Lit Crit,” North Bay Bohemian, May 2004

The Lady Is Strange: Hysterical Women of Historical Fiction,” North Bay Bohemian, October 2004

“Year of the Mutant,” North Bay Bohemian, January 2005

Hard Times: a review of two erotic anthologies,” North Bay Bohemian, February 2005

Chic Lit: a Profile of Author Jodie Gehrman,” North Bay Bohemian, September 2005

Mess Market Media: A short lesson on why the existential void (and good writing) shouldn’t just be for kids,” North Bay Bohemian, December 2005

Epic Sorrow: Taking a look at the big picture” North Bay Bohemian, March 2006

“Words of Warning: So you want to be a writer?” North Bay Bohemian, April 2006

Fabric of Lies: The real skinny on thin clothes” North Bay Bohemian, October 2006

NaNoWriMo: One Writer’s Story,” North Bay Bohemian, December 2006

Costume Dramas,” North Bay Bohemian, February 2007

Gore of Babylon: How Gorno Cinema Became the New Staple of American Porn,” North Bay Bohemian, March 2007

Book Review: Alisa Libby’s “The Blood Confession,” Strange Horizons Online, March 2007

Book Review: Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name of the Wind,” Strange Horizons Online, June 2007

Book Review: David Anthony Durham’s “Acacia,” Strange Horizons Online, August 2007

My Two Breasts,” North Bay Bohemian, October 2007

Film review: “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising,” Strange Horizons Online, October 2007

Book review: Robin McKinley’s “Dragonhaven,” Strange Horizons Online, October 2007

Imagine 2008: Who will take John Lennon’s place as a pop culture leader and when?,” North Bay Bohemian, December 2007

Book Review: T.A. Pratt’s “Blood Engines,” Strange Horizons Online, January 2008

Book Review: Juliette Marillier’s “Wildwood Dancing” and “Cybele’s Secret,” Strange Horizons Online, April 2008

The Boys of Summer: Death and Resurrection haunt this summer’s blockbuster films,” North Bay Bohemian, May 2008

Heavy Baggage: Celebrity Purse Culture,” North Bay Bohemian, June 2008

The dumbass generation,” Sacramento News and Review, June 2008

Top 10 Films for the Earth,” Sacramento News and Review, July 2008

Book Review: Nathalie Mallet’s “The Princes of the Golden Cage,” Strange Horizons Online July 2008

Book review: “Loose Girl” by Kerry Cohen, Sacramento News and Review, July 2008

Book Review: George Mann’s “The Affinity Bridge,” Strange Horizons Online, August 2008

Ebershoff Novel About Polygamy Digs Deep,” Sacramento News and Review, August 2008

Book Review: “The Wiscon Chronicles vol. 2,” Strange Horizons Online, October 2008

Book Review: Holly Phillips’ “The Engine’s Child,” Strange Horizons Online, December 2008

2008 Year in Review,” Strange Horizons Online, January 2009

Book Review: Patricia M. McKillip’s “The Bell at Sealy Head,” Strange Horizons Online, January 2009

Book Review: Kim Wilkins’s “Rosa and the Veil of Gold,” Strange Horizons Online, March 2009

Book Review: Kari Sperring’s “Living With Ghosts,” Strange Horizons Online, May 2009

Television Review: “Legend of the Seeker: Season One,” Strange Horizons Online, July 2009

Book Review: Margaret Ronald’s “Spiral Hunt,” Strange Horizons Online, July 2009

Book Review: Alison Sinclair’s “Darkborn,” Strange Horizons Online, October 2009

“Reality Fiction: How The Road and 2012 may predict the near future,” North Bay Bohemian, November 2009

Book Review: Ken Scholes’ “Lamentation” and “Canticle,” Strange Horizons Online, November 2009

Book Review: Margaret Ronald’s “Wild Hunt,” Strange Horizons Online, January 2010

Book Review: Joe Hill’s “Horns” and Douglas Clegg’s “Neverland,” Strange Horizons Online, May 2010

Book Review: Jacqueline Carey’s “Naamah’s Kiss,” Strange Horizons Online, May 2010

Book Review: Ken Scholes’ “Antiphon,” Strange Horizons Online, December 2010

Book Review: “Clockwork Phoenix 3: New Tales of Beauty and Strangeness,” edited by Mike Allen, Strange Horizons Online, January 2011

Book Review: David Moles’ “Seven Cities of Gold,” Strange Horizons Online, February 2011

Top Fantasy Destinations for the Adventurous Traveler,” (with Erin Underwood), Underwords, February 2011

Book Review: “Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die,” edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki, Strange Horizons Online, March 2011

Television Review: “Game of Thrones: Season One,” Underwords, June 2011

Interview with Jacqueline Carey,” Fantasy Magazine, July 2011

Book Review: “Welcome to Bordertown: New Stories and Poems of the Borderlands,” edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner, Strange Horizons Online, September 2011

Book Review: “A Natural History of Dragons,” by Marie Brennan, Strange Horizons Online, June 2013

Book Review: “The Beautiful Land,” by Alan Averil, Strange Horizons Online, November 2013

Book Review: “The Violent Century,” by Lavie Tidhar, Strange Horizons Online, December 2013

Book Review: “Strange Bodies,” by Marcel Theroux, Strange Horizons Online, March 2014

Honorable Mention

“The Adventures of Love in the 18th Dimension,” Writers of the Future, 3rd Quarter, 2010

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