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Scary mommies*

I asked myself: why am I so into horror lately? Well, for one thing, I became a parent. Don’t laugh.  All the clichés hold true.  There really is nothing more terrifying than raising a child.  Once the Chub-a-lub is yours … Continue reading

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The Literary Trump: Stephen King Edition

  Is there a better writer for the current political moment than Stephen King? Insert joke about horror stories here—but seriously: one of King’s greatest strengths is his well-drawn observations of a certain kind of American.  Open up any of … Continue reading

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Thing One and Thing Two: Thoughts on modern horror, FX films, and CGI

Horror can be very comforting. At some of the lowest points of my life I have often burrowed my way into a Lovecraft collection or Stephen King novel.  Perhaps it’s the schadenfreude factor (the ability to take comfort in the misery … Continue reading

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